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Tails of Lanschilandia - Book 1

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Hurrah, it's our first book!

As of August 2014, Tails of Lanschilandia has finally made its debut in print form. The sum of over two years of work on the comic, it's printed by Lulu and available in a full colour and a (much less expensive) greyscale edition. Follow the exploits of Lanschi the duck and his friends in the format of an actual comic book as they try to foil the plans of the evil wizard Kakralomino and his monsters. Fun and wonderfully weird wackiness for all ages!

Click one of the links to the left to be taken to the product page on Lulu, or check out the feature list and FAQ below first to get a detailed look at what's in it!

  • 100+ pages of Lanschilandia goodness
  • Includes the following complete stories, as seen on the website, plus title pages and brief commentary:
  • A Spoony Experience
  • Borderline Chaos
  • The Mad and the Madcap
  • as well as Dyllis Filler pages #1-#12 (excluding specials)
  • 12 pages of bonus content:
  • Illustrated behind-the-scenes special - how is the comic made?
  • Never-before-seen sketches showcasing creatures and characters
  • High-res prints of previously released full-page character illustrations
  • plus additional fun stuff!
  • 6.63x10.25 inch comic book-style format with a fancy cover
  • Support a potentially starving indie author (that's I) with your purchase!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
None of these questions have actually been asked yet. I'm asking them myself so you don't have to!

Why is the full colour version so twiddling expensive? You're so greedy!

The books are printed "on demand" by Lulu - that means when you order one, you're getting a high-quality print copy created specifically for you. This unfortunately makes the books expensive to manufacture; only a miniscule amount of each sale is going into my own pocket. The less expensive "bulk printing" procedure is not an option at this time as there's not enough demand for the books. Sorry!

Are the Dyllis Filler pages in colour?

Dyllis Filler is printed in black & white, no matter which version you order. There are no coloured versions of the pages in existence right now, so none can be printed.

What resolution will the pages be printed at?

All pages will be printed at 300 DPI, a significantly higher resolution than their online ("web resolution") counterparts. Older pages (especially A Spoony Experience) may not see a significant increase in quality, however, as the originals were created at a lower resolution than more recent pages and had to be resized artificially for printing.

Q:Are the pages unaltered?
Largely. Some minor mistakes have been fixed; these may or not may not be reflected on the website already. None of the old pages were updated to match the current art style.

What about the introduction page?

The current, revised (as of 2014) introduction page will be printed in the book (at 300 DPI print resolution).

What's up with those other books by Tammy Spahn on Lulu?

For information on my other books, please see my other website!

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