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Statues of Lamentation - page 20

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Phil:I am the cave mouth. Or rather, my mouth is the mouth. One could say I have cavities! Ha ha ha ha!
Batty:Yeah, whatever. Let's go in.
Frank:The tunnels are dark and dangerous. You cannot go in without a guide.
Batty:Oh yeah? Watch me.
Parsley:Batty, it may be good to listen to him.
Batty:But I don't wanna listen!
Bad Bat:But, um... isn't the cave a bit small for a giant? I mean, you're so... um... so giant.
Frank:Oh, I am not the one who will guide you.
Frank:But do not fret! I am entrusting you to a very good friend of mine.
Parsley:Oh? Who precisely would that b-
Mr. Fluffbutt:I say! Who's up for a jolly good adventure?

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