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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 19

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Shishlareth:Ahh, myself plus food equals happy cooperation. Simply prime!
Batty:Only the biggest grubs for you, Miss Jingjok.
Parsley:That would be you, Lunara!
Parsley:Shishi, Kakralomino is using your help to build a weapon that could destroy your habitat forever!
Lanschi:And he's not nice!
Shishlareth:Hey! You were going to be my lunch tomorrow!
Parsley:Um, yeah. Uh, nevermind that now.
Shishlareth:And how do you know that anyway?
Bad Bat:Yeah, how do you know that? We didn't give it away this time!
Lanschi:Take a look at this, Chi-Chi! These blueprints here are the plans for-
Batty:-Kagnas Park's final stage as a gigantic natural preserve with ample food for every living thing in the region!
Bad Bat:Gee, Batty, is that true? I thought it was a big, mean-

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