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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 8

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Hayfa:Isn't it wonderful, Rose? Such a walk in the park under the mah-mah-mooonlight...
Hayfa:You know what they say about the mooon?
Hayfa:It is made of cheese.
Parsley:No way!
Hayfa:Yup, yup! I intend to taste it some day. Hopefully when it's full so there's more.
Hayfa:I wonder if it's sharp like cheddar or mah-mah-more like swiss. Can you imagine the taste, Rose?
Shishlareth:Mmm, yes... Myself is imagining quite the taste right now...
Hayfa:Every year, a cow jumps over the moon to celebrate its fermentation.
Parsley:Hayfa, we have a problem...
Hayfa:Don't tell me there'll be an eclipse!

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