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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 30

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Parsley:Sadly, as fun- I mean, informative as that was, we still don't have a solution!
Batty:Can we help?
Batty:'Cause I'm sure we can show you a solution!
Panschi:Oh golly, not those two.
Batty:'Cause after all that we've been through, we- um, where's Lanschi?
Parsley:Good question, actually.
Batty:Well, it's mine. Of course it's good.
Bad Bat:But you still gotta answer! Because I kind of want to hear one now.
Panschi:Does "no idea" count?
Batty:Don't push your luck, duck!
Batty:...And you may also wish to cooperate, Parsley Sage Rose Marian Thyme!
Bad Bat:She's right! We might even say something rude if you don't play along, Pizza Salami Roast Maritime!

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