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The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani - page 12

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Phoebe:His Majesty, King Lanschi of Lanschilandia!
Panschi:Don't tell me.
Phoebe:I sprained an ankle!
Panschi:I said don't tell me!
King Lanschi:Well, well... What can We do for you, friends?
Parsley:Your Majesty, we come before you on this day to request a cancellation of Mr. Lanschi Ani's speech tomorrow.
Panschi:Yeah, that'd be nice.
King Lanschi:Cancel Master Ani's speech on such short notice? That's impossible! Multitudes will be there to hear him. Is there a problem?
Leroy McElroy:Your Majesty, this creature keeps insisting he's Lanschi Ani!
Lanschi:But I am!
Elroy McLeroy:And Sir Leroy keeps insisting he's my uncle!
Panschi:Oh, um, that's out pet. He always does this. His name's, uh, Bunnies.
Lanschi:What's up, duck?

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