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Ooze Busters - page 6

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And so, several briefings later...
Bad Bat:Um, where are we going again?
Batty:Didn't you hear what the doctor said?
Batty:The ooze travels via the sewers. That means it could be anywhere!
Bad Bat:Hrm. I've been told I'd never get there in life.
Batty:It's not a place, you wally!
Batty:We'll have to find it, which shouldn't be a problem - thanks to my excellent senses, I'll be able to detect it from a mile away.
Batty:What am I sayin'? Two miles! Three and a half! Four and a third!
Batty:Y'see, that's why I get picked to lead these operations. It's not only my irresistible charm, I'm the most qualified!
Batty:Back in primary school, the teacher relied on me to wipe the blackboard because blah blah blah blah blah...
Bad Bat:Um...
Bad Bat:BATTY!!
Batty:WHAT?! Can't you see I'm paying tribute to a national heroine?

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