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A Spoony Experience - page 11

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Kakralomino:What's taking them so long? I hope Bad Bat didn't accidentally jump dimensions and get stuffed in a matchbox by a giant bagpipe-playing gibbon again...
Kakralomino:That would be the third time this week!
Lanschi:Kakralomino! What are you going to do with my freebie, you fiend?
Kakralomino:I must say I have no idea what you're talking about, but it's nice to have you here. Why don't you stay for a bit? The show is about to begin.
Lanschi:Show? If there's clowns, I don't want to s- ...woah.
Batty:I doubt you have a choice, duckie!
Kakralomino:Ah, Miss Vyalin! Goo to see you. I suppose you have something important for me?
Batty:Well, actually- Hey, wait a minute!
Batty:Lanschi is right here at our mercy! Why don't you just zap him or something?
Kakralomino:Don't be foolish.
Kakralomino:He's bound to have some sort of magic protetion. Otherwise, do you think he would just walk into enemy territory and ask his arch nemesis about his newest plans? That's stupid. Nobody in their right mind would- Hey, where'd this cup come from?

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