Tails of Lanschilandia
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The Mad and the Madcap - page 22

Onward to the next problem... * Statue: A FOOL HERE SHALL MEET WITH A TERRIBLE FATE; A SAGE WILL BE ABLE TO OPEN THE GATE. / Lanschi (L) Well, it doesn't have a lock, so... * Parsley (Py): WAAAAIIT! / Py: It's most probably booby-trapped in some manner unless we open it properly. * Panschi (P): We just gotta let him go first, then. / Py: Nonsense! After the tasks of Nofretecti,* this should be easy to figure out... * *As seen in issue #394, which you probably didn't read / Py: Of course! A double meaning. Sage is a kind of herb. Bring a sage plant, preferrably Salvia officinalis, and the gate will open! / L: Alright, let's go get one! Py: Well, there's one problem. P: Why's there always a problem? / Py: Sage can be found back in Lanschilandia, but from all I have read, it's not native to Waiukamia. * L: Oh, that's okay! / L: I'm here for the first time myself.

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