Tails of Lanschilandia
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The Mad and the Madcap - page 23

Panschi (P): So, what're we gonna do, grow artificial herbs in a portable lab? * Parsley (Py): Shh! I'm thinking... / Hayfa (H): There's got to be a different way, Sage! I mah-mah-mean, Rose! * Py: Maybe, I just... WAIT! / Py: Hayfa, you're a genius! * H: I... I am? / Py: Yes! A sage will be able to open the gate! Sage is one of my middle names - that means I'll be able to open it! / P: Y'know, there's no way it actually works like that. * Py: You're probably right, but... / Py: It's not like we have another choice. I'll have to try it! / SFX: SPLOOSH!! * Py: Blubb! / Statue: Haha, just kidding! You're free to pass, but this was worth it.

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